FAUX Leather vs Genuine Leather

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FAUX Leather or PU Leather VS Real or Genuine Leather

     Looking to buy a Leather Product and not sure whether the product is of good leather quality or is the product even made of real leather ? We understand your concern. Buying Leather Products can be tricky as these days it is very tough to tell the difference between the real leather and artificial leather. Most sellers especially the Drop Shippers on various website claim the product to be real leather even though the product is made of cheaper and less durable synthetic leather. Make sure you buy the product from a trusted seller and make sure to ask the seller what kind of leather was used in the making of the product. 


I will provide one such instance I myself faced. I once entered a very nice looking shop selling leather jackets at very attractive prices. Since we already deal in leather and have a fairly good knowledge on the prices of wholesale leather hide, I immediately knew these were not made of real leather. I asked the store manager that the jackets were actually very stylish but are they made of leather ?. He immediately smiled and replied: Yes, they are made out of leather. I was puzzled for a second, and I again asked him - Is this Genuine leather. He again smiled and said: YES. I then asked him my last question: What kind of leather was used in making this product ?. He realized that I am not just another regular customer. He then smiles and says: This is PU Leather. HAH caught him. He was not lying on my first two questions. He was just not telling the complete truth.


What is FAUX Leather 

FAUX Leather, also known as leatherette or p leather, though looks and feels like real leather, is actually made out of other artificial materials. There are two main types of man-made leather: PU (Polyurethrane) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Since PVC Leather is not breathable it is less commonly used in making clothing and other items.


PU Leather or Poly Synthetic Leather

PU Leather when compared to Real leather is very similar in terms of look and feel and it is very tough to tell the difference between the real leather and PU Leather. But PU Leather is ultimately a man made material and exists to give the look and feel of real leather at exceptionally lower cost and hence is far less durable, considerably cheaper and would not last long. For people looking to but cheaper products this is the way to go but it’s life is much shorter and would quickly loose the shine and color.


Real or Genuine Leather

Real or Genuine Leather is processed or made from the Animal Skins mainly cattle hide such as goat, sheep, cows, etc. Genuine Leather products will last you a lifetime and are very durable. The best way to tell difference is by looking at the imperfections on the leather surface. The Genuine Leather surface will have a difference of color as the natural skin. Also, Genuine Leather feels smooth and buttery, while the fake version feels more like plastic. The Real Leather product also has a very distinctive smell (that does fade away with time) while the faux leather product does not have any smell or smells like plastic. It is very durable but proper care needs to be taken while using genuine leather. You would need to take proper care to avoid the leather from getting wet, and keep it away from chemicals such as perfumes, etc.



Faux Leather: Faux Leather has a feel and look that is similar to genuine leather and also generally cost much lesser than real leather product. Artificial leather product are lighter and and can be dyed into any color and textures. Faux leather is made on machine and hence has a more more consistent color and texture throughout. It is also very easy to clean but do not last that long. Generally, the life span of Faux Leather product is one third of real leather product.


Real Leather: There is nothing like the smell and the feel of Real Leather. The leather also becomes softer and more attractive with time. Real leather products can be very expensive especially if hand-made but last a lifetime and are very durable. Real Leather Product also need constant caring though it is easy to take care.


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